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One of Armadillo’s greatest strengths is its ability to work as a remote blogging platform, independent of RapidWeaver. Use our ‘Import Contact Data’ or ‘Import Item info’ wizard to load from Excel, Text (CSV or TAB), Access, or FoxPro (including dBase and ACT!). If you need to move from one of our competitors products this tool will make that process fast and painless. Find an exciting variety of upscale art, handmade gifts, heirloom pieces and stocking stuffers for everyone on your list from over 160 carefully curated artists. These blog navigation links include tags, categories, archives, the RSS feed, and authors and are displayed using the same HTML markup generated by RapidWeaver’s built-in Blog page. This does mean that you must now specify the URL to your blog, so that Armadillo can create the correct links for that blog when displaying your content. As such, there is now a dedicated Armadillo Blog stack which you must add to your RapidWeaver project file.

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