H шаблон logic board

Incase you want to delete it, you have to remove the template from all the places it is associated and then delete it. Custom fields of a look-up module deleted If your email template has a merge field inserted from a [Module] lookup and then the field gets deleted, it will be listed as an unsupported merge field. Шаблон создан с помощью фреймворка Bootstrap, ну а так же шаблон назван в честь фреймворка . Всем привет, рад предложить Вам новую Адаптацию skin’а VelvetОт студии SkinBoxb. With this you can get an idea of how the template looks and how well it is performing, helping you in deciding if any improvements have to be made. Note Unsupported merge fields may be seen in the subject and body email templates.

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