Шаблон игровой для phpbb

Want to submit your own Style, let us know! phpBB 3.1 Styles We are currently working on an update to support multiple versions of phpBB at the same time. Please remember support for this style will be giving in our Styles Su… by Styles Robot3.1.10 3.0.12 Style MRGTB The default phpBB3 smilies here but in PINK colour, all the animated ones have been done also. All branches 624 Contributions we_universal ABOUT STYLE we_universal is modern, clean style for phpBB 3.0 and phpBB 3.1. It uses principles of flat design and Responsive Web Design technique. Hundreds of free phpBB3 Styles, Themes, Templates and Imagesets are available for download in the Styles Database. ProSkyGray Fixed width style with rounded corners and glossy graphics. It has a gray/silver color scheme.

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