Шаблон от ot nitrolight 2.5

Notifications Get automatic update notifications for the theme and Warp framework. Anyway, you should find out first what is the image name that your template uses. In Firefox, right-click on the logo image (picture 1). From the menu select option View Image. It will show you the logo image only so you can see its name and location.  L-Ardi Minimal Corporate — Joomla Master | Шаблоны Joomla 2.5 Компоненты Joomla 2.5 Модули Joomla 2.5  L-Ardi Minimal Corporate L-Ardi Minimal Corporate – яркий и многофункциональный, с необычным дизайном шаблон. Usually, the first step in adjusting your Joomla template is to change default template’s logo image with logo of you company or your site. Имеет 4 предустановленных стиля, гибкий дизайн, использует CSS3. В состав входят следующие расширения: Appointment Book Component, V-Tube Pro Component, Deluxe NewsPro Module, Image Wall Module, Modal Box Plugin.

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