H social engine v3 11 шаблон вконтакте

SlidersSlider Revolution, Layer Slider, Photo Scroller and Porthole slider at you disposal. Important content is always placed before unimportent in your source code (eg: Blog Post content before Sidebar), Headlines are wrapped in heading tags (h1, h2, h3 etc) to signalise their importance to search engines. Use custom filters to showcase your members in Enhanced Members Directory Front End Publisher Do not send your regular members to backend, let them publish directly from frontend. It supports all custom post types and post categories. Allow users with Social Media Accounts to signin/register instantly. Тем самым вы можете указать любой собственный разделитель, вместо постоянно используемого ранее символа «»».25. В настройки скрипта добавлена возможность назначение символа — разделителя, для списка категорий, назначенных новости.

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