Шаблон site under construction

The Header Background can also change to your custom image to change the Look and feel. Template also comes with a LESS Stylesheet file that you can use to customize the page however you would like. demo download / more info Touchdown Responsive Coming Soon Page demo download / more info Koplax Koplax is responsive coming soon page with clean and modern design with ajax function. Some features: 17 home page layouts, 10 color variations, starts background, clouds background, rainy background, map background, dark + light color variations, mailchimp form, countdown timer, multipurpose section, keyboard enabled, & much more. These free templates can be used before the start of your website or during technical errors. Its not wise to blank out for a week or two and keep your visitors guessing whats happening out there.

Скачать: Workshop_20110224SiteSpecificConstruction.pdf

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