H шаблон в стиле minecraft для фотошопа cs6

Всего два различия: заливать слой будем темно-серым цветом (#323232), а маску можем не рисовать заново, а просто скопировать с предыдущего слоя и затем инвертировать ее. All right, now we want to fill in the blade a little bit using that medium shade of blue right there. I’ll press the alt key or the option key in the Mac and click on it in order to lift that color as the foreground color. Note: A final render can be time-consuming, depending on the model, lighting, and maps in your 3D scene. Now, it tends to be easier to make out distinctions on-screen, so here’s the neon effect as it exists so far inside Illustrator, and here’s how it’s going to look when souped up inside Photoshop.

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