H шаблон supernova rus

Section 2 provides a background to H ii regions, star clusters and massive stars. Basic properties of these ccSNe are listed in Tables 2 and 3 for Type Ib/c and Type II ccSNe, respectively, with positions adopted from Asiago except where noted. Nothing visible at this position on images taken on 2009 June 3-July 17 (limiting mag about 22.5). (K0910-001) Pan-STARRs survey. For example, SN 1923A lies 4 arcsec from an H ii region whose radius is ∼4 arcsec, while SN 1964H lies 5 arcsec from an H ii region, whose radius is 2 arcsec. Indeed, 30 Doradus would only subtend ∼1 arcsec at a distance of 50 Mpc.

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