Скачать шаблон cyber портала

See more information about Incident Reporting Please use the SPECTRIM Portal to record the applicable details of a reportable security incident. For OS compatibility matrix, please click here Download Client Based Single Sign On This requires client installation on the user’s computer. On every log on attempt, SSCyberoamSetup.exe is executed automatically and installs the Cyberoam SSO Client if Client is not available on the user machine. For OS compatibility matrix, please click here Download General Authentication Client 1 : This client will also work for Linux OS only with the “Desktop Effects” disabled, which is built-in functionality of Fedora for special effects. Watch “Survivor Diaries.” Survivor Diaries Cyber Chip cards can be purchased from your local Scout Shop or online at . Note: The name SPECTRIM was adopted April 2016. The portal was formerly known as Archer.To help tie together the overall state security program, DIR has implemented a governance, risk and compliance software tool available to all state agencies and institutions of higher education.

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