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They hyper-strengthen his nerve and musculature system and hardwire his cranial cerebrospinal fluid, causing him be more genetically-advanced. He loses Voltaire’s chance for world domination and his own chance of becoming a World Champion by losing to Tyson. Daichi impresses Max and Ray at first, but not Kai, as he thinks that Tyson is much more skilled than Daichi. Bao was disappointed in their defeat, being unable to defeat them himself but would look forward to battling a strong blader like Kyoya in the Semi-Final. As the match began, Kyoya wanted to isolate Bao, believing that he was the Legendary Blader of the two. Then down the family line, one of them joined the Beylin Fist; a group of Bladers who tried to secede from the main school at the Beylin Temple but failed. Kai manages to recover and compete as the fifth member of G-Revolutions.

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