Шаблон повер поинт с опорами линий электропередачи

Большинство из них определяются на больших расстояниях, что делает их полезными для навигации. However, premature failure due to corrosion is a concern when compared to wood.[16]The National Association of Corrosion Engineers or NACE is developing inspection, maintenance, and prevention procedures similar to those used on wood utility poles to identify and prevent decay. This method of link is common especially in rural areas where burying the cables would be expensive. However, regardless of the value to collectors, all attachments on a utility pole are the property of the utility company, and unauthorized removal is a felony.[citation needed] Coordinates on pole tags[edit] The tags on a subtransmission pole located in Crisfield, Maryland, United States. These normally carry electricity at 11 or 33 kV (three phases) from 132 kV substations supplied from pylons to distribution substations or pole-mounted transformers.

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