Шаблон minecraft мониторинга

You can double-click the name of the log to add or remove data collectors from it or change the file name, name format, and whether the log overwrites or appends when the data collector is restarted. Game server switcher — Create a group of game servers and limit your client to only run one or more at the same time. ПрочитатьПросмотров: 3912 [UCOZ] Шаблон сайта Minecraft для Ucoz Рубрика: Шаблоны Minecraft для Ucoz Минималистичный дизайн сайта тематики Minecraft для системы Ucoz. Note If you are a member of the Performance Log Users group, you must configure Data Collector Sets that you create to run under your own credentials. You can configure whether you want to allow your users to use the Punkbuster update or only administrators.

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