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Слишком много править руками и не всегда изменения сохраняются. Tested on ESXi 5.0 & 5.1 2014/04/29: Datastore detection required the MIB HOST-RESOURCES-MIB to be present. I’ve changed it to not require the MIB. For more information check the README inside of .zip file. Define user macros {$SQL1} to {$SQL9} with your SQL Server Instance names, import the template, and add hosts to it! 2013-01-01 Steinar Andersen Microsoft SQL Server 2005 — 2012 Handles Default instances only but has some counters for individual databases. Далее : #ee /etc/rc.conf Добавляем строку snmpd_enable=»YES» И перезагружаемся. Initially based on the VMWare ESXi 5-template of Andrew Single 2014-07-17 Jens Depuydt VMware vCenter, ESXi and ESX 5 VIMbix is a VMware Virtual Infrastructure Methodology RESTfull proxy for Zabbix.

Скачать: Steve_Mushero_ChinaNetCloud_Zabbix_DB_Zabbix_Conference_2014.pdf

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