Modx wayfinder создать шаблон

ParameterDescriptionValue TypeLegal ValuesDefault ValueCommentsThese are the row-level templates: (1) &startItemTpl If the &displayStart parameter is set to TRUE, then Wayfinder will need a template for displaying information from the starting document. Wayfinder’s primary purpose is to generate navigational menus that automatically update to reflect changes made to the document tree, but it can be used for other purposes as well. The DropMenu snippet is not included in MODX 0.9.5 or above. Open your MODX installation in your browser and hover over the System tab and you will see the first option in the drop down is Package Management, lets click on it. In the Package Management screen click on the Download Extras button. Ниже указан весь CSS, однако в шаблоне можно подключить этот стиль, а не вписывать в шаблон.

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